Path and Inspiration

After a career spanning more than twenty years in the Veterinary Profession, Nici embarked upon a full-time Applied Arts degree graduating with 1st Class Hons in 2007. Since pursuing this new direction, her focus has primarily been on ceramic processes and experimentation with a variety of materials.

She lives on the edge of London; the cusp of urban and rural life. Superstition has historically prevailed here, and seemingly prosaic objects were believed to hold the power to defend against illnesses and curses. Her work has often focused on items in which we place our hope of a cure and explores the way in which these relics can potentially cause greater harm than good.

Process and Practice

Nici's work falls into two distinct categories, both of which draw from a monochromatic pallet.

The first of these is characterised by large, sculptural pieces of resist raku, embodying an aesthetic consideration for balance, form and beauty. These ceramics are bound by the limitations of indoor display, due to their low-temperature firing.

The second strand of her portfolio is comprised of larger-scale projects, often supported by Arts Council England awards. These are conceptual, usually site-specific works and formed of intimate installations of multiple porcelain pieces, generally exhibited outside. They bear poignant historic text, and incorporate themes of superstition, remedy, curse and cure.

Nici's work is held in private collections in the UK, as well as internationally, and has been widely exhibited in select shows.