Completed Studies: BA(Hons)
Bachelor of Arts degree with First Class Honours in Applied Arts

A sense of presence, intrigue and ambiguity infuses Nici Ruggiero's work. Using a mix of primitive hand-building methods, ancient Japanese raku firing techniques and contemporary Western resist skills, she creates a rich palette of tones and textures.

Sensuous, sometimes collapsing, organic forms contrast with the strong, assertive shapes of newer pieces. These are evocative of vases and bowls, yet have closed and sometimes completely flat tops, eliminating any functional use. Resembling hewn monoliths that have been dissected to expose their smooth inner cores, they promise solidity but are, in fact, completely hollow. Vivid splashes of coloured glass add a further element of surprise.

Combining the old with the new, the primitive and the contemporary in an ongoing process of experimentation, Nici Ruggiero's work arouses curiosity, invites interaction, and often creates a pleasurable feeling of uncertainty.